Selected italian olives and careful processes
to protect the consumer's taste and health

Italy's long tradition of oil production finds its fullest expression in a bottle of Olio Memento. A rigorous production process, ranging from the harvesting and selection of the olives to the extraction of the oil, allows us to obtain a product with an intense and unique flavour that preserves the health properties of extra virgin olive oil to the fullest.

Short supply chain, fine, hand-picked olives

The "coratine" and "ogliarola barese" olives have a unique and unmistakable taste and are grown following the rhythm of nature, without forcing, within a maximum radius of 10 km from the Molfetta oil mill. We carefully plan the pruning of the plants and wait patiently for the olives to ripen at the right point. Then we collect them by hand, in a very limited time window.

Careful and rigorous procedures

We want an outstanding product. We carefully select only the olives that have perfectly intact drupes and we harvest them at a very precise moment, slightly unripe, so as to obtain an intense flavour. In a very short time we work them, rigorously cold, to avoid any sort of fermentation and obtain absolute quality.

Perfect for traditional dishes or for experimenting

Olio Memento is obtained directly from the olives and with cold extraction, solely by mechanical means, taking care to maintain a perfect balance between raw material, time of harvest, extraction, temperature and the characteristics of the environment and machinery. An expensive method, but one that preserves 100 per cent of the organoleptic characteristics of the product, resulting in an excellent-tasting and absolutely healthy oil, rich in polyphenols and unsaturated fats.

Italian tradition meets tomorrow's cuisine: distinctive taste, but also versatility in cooking and high nutritional intake. Memento is exceptional both on traditional Italian dishes and for fusion cuisine.


An oil 'without' for 'more'.

We do not use intensive cultivation, we do not use chemicals for fertilisation and we do not use industrial extraction methods, so that all the nutraceutical characteristics of the product are preserved. No GMOs. For a healthy, tasty and authentic oil.