A family history.
An Apulian story.

Tastes, scents, noises from when we were children. Deep sensations that seem to fade with time, but instead remain within us forever. And sometimes they resurface with overbearance. We are made of memories. Olio Memento celebrates our roots with the aim of reconnecting us with the innermost part that remains hidden within us. To take us back to the time of big family reunions and the dry air among the olive trees. Olio Memento is intense and pure, true and authentic, like life.

The De Marco family emigrated to Venice in the 1970s. Here Alessandro was born in 1984. He loves the Veneto, but also his homeland, to which he is deeply attached. In 2018 he decided to recover the long tradition of olive oil production that he breathed as a child and teenager, in the hot summers spent in Molfetta, near Bari. After two years of study and search for the perfect taste, Olio Memento arrives on the table with its load of emotions and intimacy, to be savoured by closing your eyes.

A catch in the throat that knocks at our soul.


Bringing the flavour of yesteryear back to the table, but with a cosmopolitan and contemporary spirit: Olio Memento is a place of the soul, intimate and familiar, but always open to the world. Like Alessandro, whose dream is to speak the universal language of emotions to everyone. An oil made with the obstinate search for pure and intense but always lovable taste, dedicated to those who want to travel with their mind and senses. Dedicated to those who want to experience something unique. Difficult to encounter elsewhere.


Remembering is an individual and social duty. Not only to nourish our souls through intimate experiences, but also to make us bearers of the immense Italian culture: a heritage never to be taken for granted. The past suggests us the keys to face the challenges of the future. Let us recover it. Let us enhance it. Relaunch it. Let us innovate.